My father scanned and annotated most of these files from daguerreotypes,
many of which were in one or more family bibles.
He made the Genalogical Chart posted here.
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Name Description
Genealogical Chart through Bo Peep Johnson Evans Latimer This chart was made by my father, and covers Robert Sloan Adams through my parents.
Left to Right, Henry and Sim Walton Brothers in their CSA Uniforms
Unknown young woman Picture in George Foster Adams' Bible.
Evie Evans as child Christiana Latimer's Grandmother
Evie Evans as young woman Christiana Latimer's Grandmother
Mrs DG Trammel 3rd Oldest Walton Sister
Mrs LH McCloughlin 2nd oldest Walton Sister
Mrs George Singer 4th Oldest Walton Sister
George Foster family - c. 1887 Photo courtesy of Rob Adams - a long-lost cousin with a wealth of information. Rob writes "The family group is my grandfather Foster (age 5) and his parents, Rollin
Mallory Adams and Louella Mullins Adams. This pic was taken ca. 1887 or 1888. Both of Foster's parents died young (Rollin in 1891, when he was in
his 30th year). My grandfather lived for a considerable period --between age 8 and 18-- in Clinton with George Foster and Amanda, and it was
through him that these pics came to me. The pics of Amanda and George Foster were probably taken at the same time, ca. 1897 or 1898, shortly before George
Foster's death (in 1899)." Rob's website is at this writing (June, 2008)
George Foster, age 57 Photo courtesy of Rob Adams - a long-lost cousin with a wealth of information
The George Adams Family Portraits - Four-in-one.

George, Amanda, Rollin, and Henry Adams. Rob writes "You will notice the family setting photo of 4 people has GF and Amanda on the top and their only two children
(ca. 1867-68) on the bottom, Rollin and George Henry (known in the family as Henry)."

"Neither in the 1870 census nor in the 1880 census does the family ever list having a son named George Foster, between the ages of
Rollin and Henry. In the 1880 census, both of the daughters appear, along with Rollin and Henry, but no GF Jr. Moreover, in his 1899 will, no
mention is made of such a son nor of any descendants he might have had. Instead, GF lists his living children (now including the youngest, born in1881--Robert Walton) and the arrangements he has made for them. Also, he lists my grandfather as the surviving heir of Rollin."

George Foster Adams Husband of Amanda Isaviah Walton Adams
GF and Amanda Isaviah Adams. Louis got it wrong. See Rob's comments George carried the photo of Amanda with him the entire time he served in the CSA. Rob writes "The photos you have labelled as George Foster (paired with Amanda) are
probably not correct for either of them, but I'm far more certain about the chunky middle-aged dude labeled as GF than I am about the youngish woman
labelled as Amanda (in the paired frame). If I had to guess, I wd. bet that the woman in this pair is GF's sister, Elizabeth, and that the man is
her husband, Abner Perkins. My parents knew the Perkins' youngest daughter,who was born in 1883 but was still living, in Georgia, in 1970.
Amanda Isaviah Walton Adams Photo courtesy of Rob Adams - a long-lost cousin with a wealth of information
Amanda Isaviah Walton Adams Amanda's strange middle name derives from her own maternal grandmother (who was still living-- with Amanda's mother, Matilda Walton--when the 1880 census was taken). Her name was Isaviah ALLISTON, and she was born in 1797!
George Foster Adams (Hal)

Rob Adams writes "As for the idea that GF and Amanda had 6 children, and that one of
them was GF Jr., there is simply no evidence for this at all. The photo(s) you
have labeled as GF jr. (Hal) are simply GF himself around the age of 30-32."

Thanks for the clarification, Rob! (Louis)

Robert Sloan Adams From Amanda Isaviah's Bound Photo Album. Rob writes "(1) the handsome 60ish gentleman in the nice suit cannot be Robert Sloan Adams. He died in 1849 at the age of 31 (a few of the amateur websites report his having been born in 1812, but his headstone near Talbotton says 1818). My wife, however, says the gentleman in this photo definitely looks like an Adams. If he is an Adams family member, the likelihood is that he is either George Foster's great-uncle (Phillip, who died in 1856) or his uncle John (who died in 1891). I have asked a person here who teaches fashion history to look at the "Robert Sloan" photo, and she thinks it's unlikely to date from earlier than 1880, but I'm not sure.
George Henry Adams  
Jennie Adams  
Jennie Adams  
Robert Walton Adams  
Rollin Mallory Adams 2 Portraits on same page at different ages
Unknown Trio  
Mathilda Evelyn Park  
Samuel B Walton  
Unknown Young Man  
George F Adams Daguerreotype - Wooden Matched Set
Dr. GT Walton - youngest Walton son