Louis Latimer Hemmi at the Texas Renaissance Festival - October 17, 2010.

I had an absolute blast, especially a handmade pewter chalice that is outstanding. The artisan who made it was a great salesman, the kind who could charm a keg of beer from an Aggie, and that ain't easy!.

I also bought a three-dragon pewter sphere holder to support my six-inch chrysocolla sphere. The purple tee shirts were nice, so I got a couple of those, a tote bag, apple dumpling, fish and chips, scads of incense and holders.

This year's festival was just super - not a cloud in the sky. I had my fortune read with the Tarot cards and runes; it looks like an auspicious 2011 coming up!! Anita, the card reader, was so accurate beyond what I would have thought possible and told me some remarkable things about influences on my life.

There were vendors offering lotion candles -- the lady there knew my great aunt Dorothy Latimer Trimble Rawls and grew up in Coweta County, Georgia. My grandmother told me that her Georgia cousin Kathleen Latimer used to say to visitors "Ever seen a cow eat a girl?" Of course, they'd say 'no' to which she would reply "Well, I'm one!"

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