Louis Hemmi's Ancestral Pages Family in the 20th Century
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Name Description
Papa's family c.1919 Sitting in front from left: Edwin, Bo Peep, Christi, Dorothy, Rosco, Dr John T in Lone Oak, Georgia (see larger image for details).
Papa's parents & daughter, circa 1919 Left to right- Papa's father Dr Tom Latimer, MD; Ozzie Latimer; his daughter Christiana; stepmother Miss Addie in Lone Oak, Georgia.
4 Generations of women My grandmother, Christiana Latimer Hemmi Wilkinson (1918-2004), her mother Bo Peep (Florence Johnson Evans Latimer (1894-1961)), her grandmother Evie Lena Adams Evans (1871-1946), and her Great Grandmother Amanda Isaviah Walton Adams (1841-1928). Circa 1923 in San Antonio, Texas
  Christiana and Evie (her grandmother) in San Antonio. Evie's mother is Amanda Isaviah Walton Adams.
Ozzie Latimer In his 1917 Maxwell automobile while in Skeen, Mississippi
Ozzie Latimer Oswell Eugene Latimer. Texas Senator (San Antonio). My great grandfather. 1894-1971. Defeated in congressional bid in 1959 by Henry B Gonzales.
Scobey Picnic Ozzie Latimer, Bo Peep Latimer, Christi Latimer
Another Picnic A whole lot more people in this group photo! Can't find Christi.
Christiana Latimer Hemmi In Tallulah, Louisiana - 1944 While in College at Sophie Newcomb (now part of Tulane University)
Christiana Latimer Hemmi Another in Tallulah, Louisiana - 1944 While in College at Sophie Newcomb (now part of Tulane University)
Christiana Latimer Ready for the Ball - 1937
Christi Latimer Grandmother, circa 1934 - the time of "Jitterbug Moon"
Ozzie and Bo Peep Latimer Ozzie and Bo Peep at home in 1917 (San Antonio)
Christi and Bo Peep Left to right - Christiana Latimer and her mother, Bo Peeep Latimer
Ozzie and Lat Ozzie Latimer and his grandson, my father, Carl Latimer (Lat) Hemmi - 1943
Ozzie Latimer Venison, anyone? Larger version shows the hunting party
Ozzie Latimer Papa at home - 1960
Louis Hemmi gets spelling cup and medal From San Antonio Academy, presenter is Prof. Giambruno
Daddy and me Daddy's 20 year renewal of vows with his 2nd wife, Nora. See larger image for names and pictures of the participants including Grandmother, Catherine, etc.
Mother and me 1964 in San Antonio
Mother and me 1962 in San Antonio
Mother and Bradford 1960 - Mother and brother Bradford Lawrence Hemmi
Mother and Bradford 1961 - Mother and brother Bradford Lawrence Hemmi
Papa, Mother, Brad, Louis 1971 - Ozzie Latimer, Maria La Madrid Hemmi, Louis Latimer Hemmi, Bradford Lawrence Hemmi (brother)
Mother, Daddy and me, 1959 Carl Latimer Hemmi, Maria La Madrid Hemmi, and me, Louis Latimer Hemmi (two years old)
Mother and Daddy Carl Latimer Hemmi and Maria La Madrid Hemmi - 1956
Daddy in the Air Force Carl Latimer Hemmi
Louis Hemmi First apartment after graduating from U of H, working for Coastal Oil & Gas in Exploration & Production Systems Coordination. Easytrieve was fun!
Grandmother and Gene Wilkinson-1997 Grandmother and her second husband Gene while still courting in Roswell, Georgia where they lived happily until her death in 2004. They met in 1934. Read the book, "Jitterbug Moon" which is about them and a lot more.
Grandmother at Xmas, 1998 The first Christmas while married to Gene Wilkinson in Roswell, Georgia
Gene Wilkinson at Xmas, 1998 The first Christmas while married to Christi in Roswell, Georgia. They were sweethearts in 1934, but were separated by circumstances for more than 60 years.