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Louis Hemmi's cool tools.
Here are some cool JavaScript and Flash tools.

Mortgage Calculator - JavaScript and HTML

Calculate what your mortgage will cost you in time, tax and inflation-adjusted dollars

Mortgage Qualifier- JavaScript and HTML

What will you generally qualify for ? Enter annual income and obligation information

Lunar phase & other information - Javascript and HTML

What phase, the age of the lunar month, etc. With graphics of the current moon phase

Lunar phase & other information - Swishmax, a Flash-Compatible Movie Tool

The template I call "Moon Tool" is based upon a tranquil and serene Flash-compatible website. It's entirely in Swishmax, a Flash-compatible movie program. All site navigation is self contained with only one HTML page. It's fast and useful, with a PHP contact form.

This Flash tool summarizes my services, and current information about the moon; its current phase, the age of the moon in days since the last new moon, the date of the next full moon, and a gallery of moon pictures from the NASA's Messenger spacecraft. The soundtrack is suitable for meditation. This template can be easily modified to suit your needs.

One client I have is a Reiki healer, and uses a version I customized for him, as he loves the new-age relaxing look and feel whose effectiveness is enhanced by the soundtrack.

Phones: 281/530-8632 and 832/398-3491

This equates to                 832/EXT-FIX1

I have no fax number (and don't want one).




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