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Click on the "Enter Here" button above to access the personal page. You will be prompted for a password which is freely available via eMail. Send your request to Louis @ Hemmi.us



I feel the need for a 'personal' page, as I have a lot to share about myself, the book club, and my family. Since my web site is intended to be more of a marketing tool, I have decided to password protect the 'bio' page since it's irrelevant to possible clients, employers, and the general public.

eMail me to get the password, and I'll happily provide upon request!

Creative writing is a passion. A Friendly Agreement is available upon request, and is a short story about coming of age in a San Antonio military school, and is based on an experience of mine while attending as a teenage cadet.

After Jitterbug Moon (about my grandmother and her husband, Gene) is published, I'll have it available here online. It's a story about the South, and how love can be elusive for 62 years, but then find the bloom on the rose late in life. It's based upon the true story of my grandmother and her husband. They met in 1934, and did not marry until 1998. Just goes to show true love can triumph over time.

Please eMail me if you would like an advance look.

Visit my site, Houston Book Club.com to learn about what the book club has been doing since 1989, books we've read, pictures and bios of members, and a few good links! eMail me if you would like to join this fine reading group. We are now offering "Cool Reviews" that I wrote of books we have read.

Select from the available photo albums, which are old family pictures dating back to the 1860s

19th Century Photos

Google Search Filmstrips   -   2013

19th Century Family Photos   -   1860-1899

20th Century Family Photos   -    1900-1999

21st Century Family Photos -  2000- present

Latimer    Family     Name and Coat Of Arms
Me at the 2010 Texas Renaissance Festival
in Full Regalia as the 43rd Baron Latimer !

Ozzie Latimer's (my great grandfather)Texas Legislature Page chronicling his five
terms in office as state rep and as state senator for five terms

My summer 2011 Tour of Scotland & England
SmugMug is a photo sharing site with multiple galleries. Click the link to see my galleries on SmugMug. SmugMug is like Flickr on steroids..


Available Documents:

  Bo Peep's 1915 Trip to Cuba and Panama

  Gordon Cain

   Jitterbug Moon [coming soon to a bookstore near you!]

  Tulane, 1938 - Gone With the Wind


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