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Texas Artist Maria G Lamadrid [1898-1995]
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Blue Bonnets were a favorite theme, and she painted well over 100, selling most because they were very popular. Many of these hang in River Oaks houses.

I was lucky to get as many as I did, and still have some hanging in my house.
She loved flowers of all time, having a real green thumb. She did some on velvet during the 70s, but all of them were sold during her lifetime, as with most of her paintings.
Domestic and wild, Swans to Birds, to Chickens, she did many of them, as well as a pair of fighting stags which suffered some wear and tear.
This category was one of her most popular, and I got very few of them, and I have kept some of them as they are my favorites.
This was painted in the 1930s and hung above her bed until her death in 1995. I have this in my bedroom, and like to think He watches over me. Email me if you would like to see what paintings I still have for sale.
There are several paintings of Galveston in this category, as well as Rayville, La, Holland, Venice, etc.


Artist's Biography - Maria G Lamadrid [1898-1995]

Maria Guadalupe Lamadrid was born in 1898 near the town of Tlaxcalantogo, Mexico to parents who moved to Mexico to open a school for girls of wealthy families.

She married Louis Lamadrid and moved with him to Galveston, Texas to escape the Mexican Revolution which saw many of their contemporaries murdered.

After Louis' death just after WW II, she struggled to support her two daughters, and granddaughter (my mother). She earned a living by painting, sewing, and making exquisite lampshades. She moved the family to Houston, and her daughter Lucia attended the University of Houston, the first in my mother's family to earn a degree. She landed a job at Tenneco where she met and later married Gordon Cain in 1956. Lucia died in 1968, and Gordon founded Vista Chemical (later sold to Occidental), and died October, 2002.


The artist (my great grandmother) with my Aunt, her husband Gordon Cain, and my mother in 1956

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Louis Hemmi



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