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 Louis Hemmi's KoolWEB Project:
 A Presence for the WEB & Beyond . . .


Sacred Codes - A simple Chinese Zodiac Utility. Key in a 4-digit year after 1792, and find out what the Chinese Zodiac symbol is for that year. This is a Flash-compatible application with music and animation. http://www.SacredCodes.com
Best Swishmax Chinese Zodiac!
The Hotel Casa Condesa - Acapulco, México - with a Flash-compatible movie (i.e., SwishMax)
The Appraisal Group, Inc - Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting - Houston, Texas
Houston's Best Real Estate Appraisers!


My book club - I designed, implemented, and host this web site. We are friends on a journet through literature. We vote on a topic, and stick to it for as many months as we have members; each member chooses a book on the agreed topic, and hosts the monthly meeting.

Houston's Best Book Club!

Click above to enter Nguyen Freres Asian Antiquities. This client likes an artistic retro look bespeaking his interest in art and beauty. The navigation is simple and effective, though he likes an iterative approach. In other words, he has ideas, I implement them, and this starts a new idea which causes the cycle to repeat. No matter how much you plan up front, there will always be changes once the client can actually see a working prototype, and as they think their site through.

See an updated version at John Arabie's http://www.AmericanGiftGallery.com

While I formerly used Autocart™ by Scott Vining, MIVA™ offers better scalability, and has thousands of business using it. MIVA is typically offered by your WEB host, such as ValueWeb™. With more than 3,000 products, we used about 100 MB of disk space. There are many third-party add-ons which make the administration of an online store feasible, not just technically, but also economically. Accepting credit and charge cards is a breeze, as MIVA integrates with various services such as Linkpoint, etc.

Formerly http://www.BayouCityUSA.com.This was the application that allowed me to hone my JavaScript skills -- I wrote a mortgage qualification form, and a mortgage amortization

Great graphics and user interface (if I say so myself).


A unique set of convenience stores catering to those with a taste for premium candies, a huge variety of foreign and domestic cigars, as well as literature, clothing, food and fun! Still under construction.


While it lasted, it generated quite a bit of business. Featured HIV home tests: confidentiality, protection and quality. This site featured Online Ordering via Credit Card, Check, Money Order, etc. I offered online ordering capabilities using Autocart by Scott Vining.
This system can be used on any server running Perl (a scripting language for CGI - Common Gateway Interface). CGI is needed for many common tasks such as collecting and formatting information submitted via forms, and is much faster than cient-side applications such as JavaScript.

Whether or not you are set up to accept credit cards, this is a good way to collect order information. You are e-Mailed the order details, as is the placer of the order. All information is also stored on the server. You define your own product descriptions, numbers, prices, shipping charges, sales tax, etc.



Reiki Healing, HIV counseling, hypnosis, and past life regression.
John is a super guy in tune with the spiritual and subconscious sides of life.

However, he has outgrown this project, and is now off doing other things, but remains available as a reference upon request.
formerly http://www.HypnosisUSA.com
I hosted the Asians and Friends of Houston Web site for 3 years. It's a nonprofit organization providing assistance and services to the Asian-American community.

It was challenging updating the web site as well as doing the newsletter and serving on the board.



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