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Web Design Services.

My mission is to help people:
• Establish a Web presence, especially for writers who I encourage with the Head On newsletter. If you are a published author, or you are working on one, I'd love to help you. Make your website an effective partner as a marketing tool. Use Google Analytics™ to assess what your current website is doing for you. With 37 core reports, and many drilldowns available, you can learn where your visitors are coming from (region, from search engines, referring sites, or those who go directly to your site), how long they stay, how many pages they view, and much more.

With the latest tools, you can really manage and fine tune your Web presence which is a lot more useful than just seeing how many 'hits' you are getting.

I can guide you through the process, advising on how to set up an ad campaign, establish your budget, how much to pay for clicks, and how to keep your website updated with frequent fresh content. I can set up your blogs, though I advise you to carefully evaluate your willingness to keep it up to date, as one that goes stale hurts you more than helps you.

If you want to know more about Web analytics, organic results, viral marketing, and ad campaigns, I'm the resource for you!

Initial consultation is always free! I'll sit with you for an hour at no cost or obligation (if you're in the Houston area), or by telephone if you are not. Each person's needs are unique, so the initial hour is really helpful to discover whether I'm a good fit for your designer needs. See a portfolio of past projects here.

Please read or download the current Head On newsletter as:

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If you are selling anything from e-books to antiques you may want to have a shopping cart which can let your visitors pay online. I work with many of the shopping-cart facilities that your Web host supports.

I enjoy putting together Flash-compatible movies with animation, graphics, and music. I don't advocate using your Flash movies for your whole site, especially navigation because SEO (search engine optimization) is not best accomplished with that strategy. Instead, use Flash movies to showcase particular items of interest, such as visually depicting many graphics in a small amount of screen real estate.

Click here for an example of a small fast-loading Flash movie I did for a client who owns a small hotel in Acapulco, Mexico. This version opens in a new window, and is full screen. On the actual site, it's just a small "banner type" ad with a guitar solo.


Phones: 281/530-8632 and 832/368-5470. Fax number is available on request.

Even better, use the secure Contact Form.


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